Worldwide Lab Software Solutions

Since 1995, Worldwide Lab Improvement (WWLAB) staff have traveled to many countries and observed the inefficiencies of current communication systems. Most mission hospitals use manual paper systems. We have talked to physicians who have written their own software as well as some attempting to install U.S. out-of-the-box systems. Those written by individuals on the field work for them but are dependent on that individual for support. If that person leaves the field, the system becomes difficult to maintain, and it cannot be reproduced and installed elsewhere. The commercially available systems are too sophisticated and cumbersome requiring things like Social Security number, date of birth and insurance provider.

The goal of WWLSS is to provide a simple Hospital Management System that can be installed in any developing country to manage the facility and at the same time solve many communication problems, and make available many statistical reports. .

It will function in a one doctor clinic as well as a large hospital.

WWLAB assists in training key trainers and staff. When a new version is developed, all locations will receive the upgrade free. With all locations on the same version the maintainability and supportability is enhanced.

Many of the fields can be set up as "administrative options" which means they can be defined or changed for each site either on-site or before installation.

It is written in a browser using SQL 2008 R2, with Report Builder R-3. Therefore, you can use a laptop, IPad, tablet, and Kindle Fire to access the software.

There is also a mirror image of the software included which is a 'Training Module" so staff training data will not mix with your normal patient data.

Some of the functions are:

  • Patient registration system.
  • Payment can be required prior to reporting lab tests or dispensing prescriptions.
    Laboratory requisition, reporting, record keeping, and many more in lab management tools.
  • Pharmacy ordering, dispensing, and inventory control by expiration date, and multiple Rx locations.
  • A hospital wide inventory system by department, as well as a separate asset inventory system.
  • Medical record (EMR) by visit date including lab results, prescriptions, case notes,
    ICD-10 codes, CPT codes, Growth Charts, labs, and prescriptions dispensed per visit.
  • Pages for procedures and policies.
  • Patient scheduling for multi departments.
  • Option that tracks Out Patient Lab Test status.
  • Reports of various types and formats can be requested and printed. You can scan in documents from a paper report or historical data.
  • It can track all surgical case detail.
  • CMHS (Chronic Medical History Screen) summary of immunizations, allergies, surgeries, admissions, and chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.
  • Document scanning and retrieval.
  • Many Additional functions.

Software support is provided from the U.S.

Hardware: Site specific to be defined, server or peer-to-peer (3-6 users) set up.

Software Specifications

The latest version of the WWLSS software is built as a Web Application, using ASP.NET, coded in VB.NET and AJAX. It has been targeted for the .NET 3.5 or newer framework, and utilizes a SQL 2008 R3 or newer database behind the scenes. The combination of the 3.5 framework and SQL 2008 R2 allows deployment of the SQL Report Builder 3.0 ad hoc reporting tool for the self-serving reporting.